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Oxytocin Saturday: Pomeranian Puppies!

If there’s one single species of puppy likely to score at a maximum on the International Cuteness Scale, it’s the pomeranian.  Don’t believe me? Check out these oxytocin-inducing videos and you’ll see what I mean.  Be careful not to overdose!


1. Call of the Wild

Little baby Ellie remembers her wolfly nature. Can’t you just see the giant, radiant moon behind her?

2. You want the cute? You can’t handle the cute.

First one wiggly fluff-puff bounces into view. Then another – whoah – then – oh no! ANOTHER wiggly fluff-puff? What are you gonna DO?

3. Cloud the baby pomeranian masters language!

Cloud kinda talks in this video, but mostly she pants out her tiny pink tongue, looks up with her beaming eyes and shakes her butt – all forms of expression way more eloquent than most conversations.


image: [youngthousands]