Oxytocin Saturday: Kittehs!


There’s a reason that cats are some of our favorite pets: they’re adorable. ¬†Especially when they’re babies. “Yeah, yeah,” you might say. “Everyone knows kittens are cute.” The fact of their cuteness may be old news; still, it never gets dull. Get your oxytocin dose by checking out these videos of raw, untempered kitteh heaven and you’ll see what I mean.

1. 4 Week Old Kitten Learns How to Walk

2.Bengal Mama Talks to Her Kitten

The embed function for this video was disabled – but it’s soooooo worth the click to youtube. The back-and-forth between the mama and her baby is priceless.

3. Munchkin Kitten Got a Lot to Say


This baby kitty is more interested in monologue than dialogue; her persistent squeaking might be annoying – if it wasn’t spine-meltingly sweet coming out of her little mouth. Munchkins are cats that have much shorter legs – a genetic mutation that ups their cute factor by at least 10.

image: [witigonen]

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